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EETEST 2023 third tutorial speaker announced – Szilard Szell!

Third Tutorial for SEETEST 2023 with Szilard Szell is announced! Szilard is a Senior Consultant of DevOps Practice for Telco Business at Eficode and has a proven track record in large scale Telco DevOps Transformation Programs, as well as an assessor, trainer, facilitator and coach in Test Automation and Testing Process improvement area. As a conference speaker Szilard is ready to share his view and knowledge with Testing Fellows, that is based on 22 years of industry experience and multitude of certificates held.

On the first day of SEETEST 2023 he will be presenting his tutorial ‘Let's build a Continuous Quality Assurance Strategy around your CI/CD pipeline’ - a topic that proved to be very popular at last year’s edition of SEETEST in Sofia, Bulgaria and will now be presented for our participants in Bucharest. The interactive workshop will help teams to learn how QA is extended to the left and to the right in DevOps, how to design QA pipeline with simple cards and what other testing related activities to be agreed on, to have a full test strategy.

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Source: SEETB